Mat cleaning

It can be done inside or outside.

First Use:
Wipe down the mat with a wet sponge to remove excess manufacturing dust. Place the supplied non slip underlay underneath the mat to ensure the mat does not move on existing slippery floor surfaces.

When the mat starts to look a little grubby, (approx 3 to 6 months) wipe or wash marks from the surface with water and a sponge or a non scratch scourer; if required you can also use a non coloured cream cleanser like JIFF or AJAX. All cleaning needs to be done while the mat is wet, therefore place the mat into a shower base, bathtub, laundry trough or outside in a bucket. Rinse thoroughly afterward, stand up to dry via evaporation.

Leaking Showers or Open showers:
Should water get underneath your mat, ensure the mat is stood up to enable water to evaporate from underneath.